Dolphin Stadium

Dolphin Stadium
Dolphin Stadium is 16 miles north of Miami. It is the home field for the Miami Dolphins football and Florida Marlins baseball teams. The official name is Land Shark Stadium, but most people call it Dolphin Stadium.
The Dolphin Stadium close to North Miami Beach is one of the city's largest sporting attractions, regularly hosting major football and baseball games. Home to the city's top American football team, the Miami Dolphins and also the famous Florida Marlins baseball team, Dolphin Stadium was previously named the Joe Robbie Stadium, as well as the Pro Player Stadium. This sporting stadium is a popular venue for visitors wishing to enjoying some of the best spectator sports that the city has to offer, together with concerts and other festivals and events, which are also held at the Dolphin Stadium.

Open: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00, Saturday - 10:00 to 16:00 (box office)

Address: 2269 Dan Marino Boulevard, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056, USA
Tel: +1 305 623 6100

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