Amateur Boxing Program

Amateur Boxing Program
Established in 1978 under the leadership of former amateur and professional boxer Dwaine Simpson, the Miami-Dade Parks Amateur Boxing Program has introduced thousands to the Olympic sport.
The program is offered to participants from ten years of age and older and is geared to teach boxing for physical fitness and for competition, if desired. We also provide a Women in Boxing Program for those interested. Approximately 70% participate only for exercise and conditioning. Over 13,000 members have registered in our amateur boxing program. Only 2% of our participants choose to become professional boxers. When they do, we see that they are directed toward the proper management and training.

Purpose of Program

Miami-Dade Parks’ Boxing Program is designed to give participants a feeling of self-worth as an individual and team player. During the most important teen years, this program will help youth and young adults to feel like productive citizens having participated in something rewarding and worthwhile.

Training Facilities

We have two! The Tropical Park Demos Boxing Center and the 27th Avenue Boxing Center are both fully staffed and equipped to teach the fundamentals of amateur boxing. Each center has qualified coaches and equipment to satisfy all amateur participants.

    * The Tropical Park Demos Boxing Center
      7900 SW 40 St., Miami

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 3-7 p.m.
Saturday 1-5 p.m.

Yearly Membership Fee

$45 Ages 17 and younger
$65 Ages 18 and older


The Miami-Dade Boxing Team participates in an average of two boxing shows quarterly in the South Florida area. They also participate in local, state, regional and national tournaments sponsored by the U.S.A. Amateur Boxing Federation, the Golden Gloves, the Silver Gloves, the Police Athletic League, the Florida Sunshine Games and other sanctioned tournaments in Florida and throughout the nation.

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