South Beach nightlife

South Beach nightlife
Glittering with bars, discos and nightclubs, South Beach throbs with vibrant nightlife and overflows with an eclectic set of partiers, including iconic Miami Beach types, sporting glitzy designer fashions over beach bronzed bodies.
South Beach nightlife has been compared to an all-you-can-eat buffetthe choices are endless and the party never stops, although it heats up after 11p.m. and rages until 6 in the morning. 

From season to season, nightclubs come and go; however, a few popular venues anchor the nightlife scene in South Beach. Some of the world’s largest and most famous nightclubs reside on Washington Avenue. A local staple on Washington Avenue, Crobar features a colorful 10,000 square foot dance space, while Jazid, another well-established venue, presents live jazz in an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Mansion, a historic Art Deco club on Washington Avenue, is termed a crown jewel of South Beach nightlife. Meanwhile, an A-list group of patrons enjoys admittance to Opium Garden on Collins Avenue, an upscale, Asian-themed nightspot. Other South Beach favorites include The Clevelander, The Deuce and Liquid.

Admittance to sizzling South Beach nightclubs may require planning and patience. Hopefuls often stand in line for hours, and door attendants sometimes screen guests, offering admittance to a carefully chosen few. However, hotel concierges commonly arrange VIP entry for guests. Entry fees at popular nightspots usually range from $20 to $60.

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