When to Visit South Beach

When to Visit South Beach
Miami is an exceptional getaway any time of year. The beaches are as welcoming in December as they are in July, and the weekend nightlife rocks year-round.
The question of when to go is really based on the type of vacation you desire. You can choose the energy of peak season with its throngs of revelers and usually perfect winter weather, or you can choose low season for the cheapest fares and emptier beaches.

Typically, when more northerly U.S. states get cold, Miami tourism heats up. The season, as locals refer to Miami's peak tourism months, runs from January through April. June through September are, relatively speaking, the quietest months, but Miami still gets many travelers during the summer.

Come to Miami during the season, and you'll find the town is packed to the gills. If your travel plans must be for these months, be sure to book well ahead of time and expect sky-rocketing hotel costs, long waits, and crowded beaches. Weekdays are always less busy than weekends, no matter what the season.

    * high season: January to April
    * low season: June to September
    * shoulder season: May, October to December

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