10 Tips How to save money on your vacation in South Florida Beach

10 Tips How to save money on your vacation in South Florida Beach

Are you planning to have vacation in Miami and you want to go cheaper. Have an enjoyable and relaxing stay? Well, I can give you some tips

Tip 1: Plan it on LOW SEASON.

High Season: January to April

Low Season: June to September

Shoulder Season: May, October to December

Tip 2: Make sure no big events are coming up in Miami.

This will impact the hotel prices just like in Las Vegas or any other big cities.

Booking your Air, Hotel & Car.

Now you have idea of what date you want to travel. It's booking time! Booking your flight, hotel and car is a little bit of homework but its worth if you want to save money.So there are 3 ways that I know you can compare the prices and see which way is the cheapest.

Tip 3: If you have different Airport around you try to see which airport is the cheapest way to go.

1. Go to website like Orbitz.com, expedia.com, farecompare.com etc. 

Try to do combination package of air, hotel and car, look for the cheapest price and then try to do the air, hotel car individually. Write down the prices separately (combination package and individually) then go to step 2.

2. Go straight to airlines, hotel and car you find cheaper in step 1 through their website and try to book it individually. Write down the prices and add them.

3. Then call the airline, hotel and car company you had in step 1 & 2. Ask if they have deals going on. Then now compare the prices.

Tip 4: Discounts from you Car Insurance

Find out from your Car insurance company if you get discounts on any of your vacation package, but pretty much you would on Car Rental. (I had Geico Insurance and I went to http://www.geicoprivileges.com click discounts, Alamo has up to 25% off).

Ok! Now you booked your flight and ready to go. Here are some of my tips how to save money and enjoy your stay in Miami.

Tip 5: Check you bill.

Most of the restaurant or bar in South beach, your bill comes with tip/gratitude already, so make sure to check your bill so won't double tip that you don’t even know. (But it's good to add more tip if you like their service)

Tip 6: Ask for Happy Hour Menu

There are tons of bar in Miami Beach and most of them have happy hour (usually from 4pm-7pm) so if you feel like drinking find out what time is their happy hour ends so u won't go over the time and be surprised on your bill.

Tip 7: Lunch Special in Ocean Drive

Looking for a place to eat for lunch? Its easy walk down to Ocean drive there are tons of restaurant in there and they will be having these girls showing you their lunch deals menu usually around $10.

Tip 8: Cheap place to eat for a quick bite.

Cheap quick bite but doesn't want to eat McDonalds, Burger king or any fast food? There’s one local place that became my favorite place Pollo Tropical you can eat rice with chicken for as low as $3.79!

Tip 9: Park you car.

Parking your car, you can save paying parking fee by simply park on to residential parking on permitted hours only (look for a residential parking sign read and follow the instruction usually you can park from Monday- Friday only from 7am-6pm except for holidays)

Note: if you know that your going to drink alcohol I would recommend you to take taxi or bus. Bus is only .25 cents and Taxi is not that expensive and it's worth than causing any trouble (and might save you money and life too)

Tip 10: Enjoy and Relax

If you really want to enjoy south beach (Miami beach) and really cheap, here's my Major Tip: Bring your iPod or mp3 player or book if you don't have one not a problem, grab your sun block, camera, sunglass, get your towel (hotels provide this for you), if you have a really small cooler that can fit 2-4 drinks (I got one from Wal-Mart it's really small but it fits at least 4 cans for $5) fill it with drinks you can get it from vending machine or some local stores and fill it with ice. (Don’t bring too much that you don’t need, if you have small beach bag that's perfect!) You're sensing what I'm about to say now huh Ready? Then hit the beach! Lay down your towel, put down your cooler, put on sun block or suntan relax, listen to your music or read your book, get some tan (at least you don’t have to pay to go to tanning salon), sip your ice cold drink, enjoy the view, and last  Enjoy and Relax.

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