Best Times to Visit South Florida Beach

Best Times to Visit South Florida Beach
Due to the subtropical climate, South Florida Beach  has plentiful of sunshine the whole year around. The rainy season runs from summer to early fall. So, whether one is on foot or is driving a vehicle, he has to be sure to take with him an umbrella.
The best time to visit South Florida Beach  is in winter, from December to May, when you can expect clear, sunny skies and temperatures averaging 24°C (rising to 29°C in May).

South Florida Beach enjoys a tropical climate with two seasons: hot, wet summers and mild, dry winters. As it rarely gets cold, it is a great year round destination.

Winter, from December to May sees an average high of 24°C with a low of 16°C. You can expect average highs of 24°C in December, January and February, 25°C in March, 27°C in April and 29°C in May.

Summer, from June to September, sees the temperatures average 28°C climbing to 31°C in July, August and September. August is hot and humid with September and October having the highest rainfall with the chance of hurricanes.

Sea temperatures average 29°C in summer.

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