Renting cars in South Beach

Renting cars in South Beach
Except in South Beach, it's difficult to hail a cab on the street; in most cases you'll need to call a cab company or have a hotel doorman hail one for you.
Fares run $4.50 for the first mile and $2.40 every mile thereafter; flat-rate fares are also available from the airport to a variety of zones. Many cabs now accept credit cards; inquire before you get in the car.

Taxi Companies

Central Cabs. 305/532-5555.
Diamond Cab Company. 305/545-5555
Flamingo Taxi. 305/599-9999.
Metro Taxi. 305/888-8888.
Society Cab Company. 305/757-5523.
Super Yellow Cab Company. 305/888-7777.
Tropical Taxi. 305/945-1025.
Yellow Cab Company. 305/633-0503.
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